Best Clash Royale Decks (Arena 6, 7 & 8)

No other game has had such a tremendous success as Clash Royale in recent times. Even Clash of Clans, its close associate strategy game, couldn’t garner the type of attention this game has had. Although Supercell has developed both games, Clash Royal stands apart with its interesting gameplay. Download the game’s latest version here.

In this post, we will provide you the best clash Royale decks for Arena 6,7, and 8.

Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck

Arena 8, also termed as Legendary Arena, needs over 3000 trophies. This is the ultimate arena which only the most talented players could reach.

Once you are in this arena, it is easy to unlock whatever card the game has in total. And most importantly, you can upgrade the cards to the superior most level.

Here is a breakdown of the various decks in this Arena.

Deck 1: Royal Giant Deck Backed by Princess and Minions

This is an excellent deck to be in. The Royal Giant is the key player used in this deck to deflect all the attacks and inflict as much damage as you can. The Princess and minions of higher level offer able to support for the Royal Giant.

The cost of attack is not expensive here as the princess and minions need just three elixirs each. The attacks can be handled with flair in this deck. Valkyrie can easily deal ground attacks. Air attacks are best handled by Princess, Minions, and Spear Goblins which are the best and only low-cost attack options in this level.

Deck 2: Low Arena

In this deck, you have low-level troops with good support from poison spell and Princess. Minimizing and deflecting damage is taken over by the Royal Giant and barbarians of high level. The Princess and Witch provide ideal backup for the Giants and barbarians. For the fast attacks and defense moves, troops of the low-cost category are employed. To buy some extra time and to halt the ground attacks, bomb tower is used.

Deck 3: Royal Giant Flanked by Barbarians and Furnace

The concentration of defensive troops is higher than the attacking troops in this deck. So, all troops possess the capacity of getting more hit points. There is another advantage of defensive troops.

They save elixir, allowing the player to increase the number of troops in attacking category which gives you a huge advantage in a situation where your opponent has been stripped of all the elixir.

Deck 4: Royal Giant Backed by Lava and Ice Wizard

This is an interesting deck that is full of elixir collector and troops of the high cost. The elixir collector is present to compensate for the high cost. The strategy used here is a simple and potent one.

You use a combo of Lava, Ice Wizard, and Royal Giant to crush the opponent. To tackle, spear goblins and minion horde, arrows are the best weapons.

Deck 5: Giant Supported by Ice Wizard and Sparky

Sparky is the chief defense unit in this deck. True to its name, Sparky smashes the opponent troops instantly with its high-intensity hit points. Ice Wizard is defended ably by Barbarians and Giant, which form a kind of defense wall. The troops protect one another in their march to Arena Tower.

Deck 6: Royal Giant Accompanied by Princess and The Ice Wizard

Barbarians together with Royal Giant mount a strong attack on the enemy with solid backup by Princess. Defense is further strengthened with Ice Wizard. It can also be used instead of Princess to protect Royal Giant for a long span.

Deck 7: Royal Giant Supports Wizards and Mirror

In a reverse move, the Royal Giant defends the Wizard. Furnace and Sparky take up the role of defense in this deck. It is a well-balanced deck, but you need to have plenty of practice to ace this deck. With cards of low level, you stand to lose easily here.

Deck 8: Royal Giant, Barbarians with Wizard and Minion Horde

Royal giant absorbs enemy attack effectively as Princess and Wizard back them from enemy troop attack. Spear Goblins and Minion Horde form the main defense strategy in this deck.

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Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck

This deck, also termed Royal Arena, needs trophies over 2000 in number. You can unlock important cards such as Royal Giant, Dark Prince, Princess, and Three Musketeers.

Here are some decks you can play in Royal Arena.


Deck 1: Golem With Hogs And Wizards

If you have played Clash of Clans, then this deck would be familiar to you as both are similar. The hogs and Wizard form the principal attacking force while Golem plays the role of damage absorber. There are other players too in this deck.

Ice Wizard works to block the attacks of your opponent. The Elixir Collector gathers the additional elixir required for troops of the high cost. If the elixir level is low, you can also try Barbarians in the place of Golem for damage absorption, but this can be done only up to a certain extent.

Deck 2: Royal Giant, Minion Horde, and Zap

This is a common deck which has Royal Giant take on the enemy with Minion Horde clearing the way for a smooth march of Royal Giant. Since it has a high speed of movement, Minion Horde is usually used after Royal Giant. The opponent attacks are blocked using Zap and the other troops.

Deck 3: Giant, Hogs, and Witch

This is also another Clash of Clans strategy. You can use Golem or Giant for damage absorption. Golem and Witch serve more effectively by attacking the troops and buildings of the enemy.

Deck 4: Barbarians, Ice Wizard, and Wizard

This deck has the Barbarians being used to absorb damage. Ice Wizards help wizards by clearing the path for them to demolish the troops which are mounting an attack on Barbarians. Sparky and Ice Wizard both act in tandem to neutralize all opponent attacks.

Deck 5: Royal Giant, Valkyrie, and Balloon

Although this deck is a bit difficult to play unless you have a good practice, when you play it prudently, it is easy to demolish your opponents. As usual, the damage absorber role is taken by Royal Giant. Valkyrie and loon help to attack opponent buildings. Opponent troops can be distracted using Minion Horde accompanied by Balloons.

Deck 6: Freeze Spell, Barbarians, and Hogs

This is a deck that relies heavily on the Freeze Spell card. You can use this deck only when your attacking troops reach Arena Tower, and Freeze Spell is targeted on the buildings and troops of the opponent and destroy Arena Tower instantly. One important factor to follow is ensuring Freeze Spell has the right timing and placement.

Deck 7: Barbarian, Zap, and Lava

The main cards in this deck are hogs and barbarian. These two provide powerful ammunition only when they have been used appropriately with Zap.

The best card that can absorb the destruction brought on by Minion Horde, Wizard, and other opponent troops is Lava. You also have the Canon which is a low-cost ground defense for distracting the opponent troops of high and slow hit types.

Deck 8: Royal Giant, Minion Horde, and P.E.K.K.A

This is a high-cost Clash Royale deck which needs Elixir Collector desperately. The main player in this deck is the Royal Giant. You can use barbarians to replace the Royal Giants if you are low on the elixirs. Minion Horde and P.E.K.K.A are great troops of high destruction variety here.

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Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck

This deck also goes by the name Builder’s Workshop. You need over 1700 trophies to reach this arena and play well. It is also a common arena used by Clash Royale players especially the experts. Miner, Sparky, Mortar, Golem, and Elixir Collector are the chief players in this deck.

Deck 1: Lava Hound, Musketeer, and Wizard

When used prudently, this Arena 6 deck can become your power armor. You can find both attack and defense cards in this deck.

Lava Hound and Barbarian act as damage absorbers. Wizards and Mini P.E.K.K.A take over the attacker mantle. The various other troops along with Musketeer form the defense in this deck.

Deck 2: P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, and Witch

This is an expensive deck as you need to buy Elixirs. However, regarding power, it is quite good.

The key attackers are Balloon and P.E.K.K.A. The other cards in this deck are used for guard and defense.

Deck 3: Prince, Valkyrie, Hogs, and Barbarian

The cards in this deck can take on any challenge.

Valkyrie takes care of defense and attack; immobilizing opponent troops is done by Freeze spell while the frozen troops are demolished by Spear Goblin and other similar troops of low-cost type.

Deck 4: P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Wizards, and Hogs

This is a powerful attacking deck. Freeze Spell plays the main role here. It freezes Arena Tower immediately after Prince or P.E.K.K.A get there, so the tower is destroyed easily.

Since Prince and P.E.K.K.A do not have high hit points, you need to use the freeze spell at the right time and place.

Deck 5: Giant, Hogs, and Barbarians

Of the various decks in Arena 6, this is the most safest and popular deck. The fast attacking Minion Horde and Hogs along with High damage absorbing Barbarians and Giants are the reason behind this deck’s popularity.

Opponent troops can be handled deftly by using a defense mix of Spear Goblin, Minion Horde, and Zap.

Deck 6: Barbarians, Baby Dragon, and Hogs

Musketeer plays the supporting role while attacking is taken care of by Barbarians and Hogs. The path for attacking is cleared, and opponent troops attacking the air troops are demolished by Baby Dragon. Hog does the maximum damage while Musketeer and Barbarian guard it. Minion Horde can be used to replace baby dragon.

Baby Dragon is used to clean up the path for attacking troops and to distract opponent troops that attack air troops. In this deck, Hogs do the maximum damage while Barbarian and Musketeer guard Hog for a long time. Baby Dragon can be replaced with Minion Horde in this deck.

Deck 7: Golem, Valkyrie And Witch

This is a popular Clash of Clans strategy where Valkyrie and Witch are protected by Golem. The troops here are of high-cost type, so Elixir collector should be safeguarded.

Killing opponent troops and defending can be dealt with effectively by Minion Horde and Musketeer.

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Now that you know about the decks in Arena 8, 7, and 6, you will be able to tweak your gameplay and bring about better results. A guide on Arena 5 and other lower decks will be posted shortly. Time to polish your skills and bring in that extra fun factor now!

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